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In a time where business is done differently by women, and where women are desiring to embrace more of themselves in their business and life, I am seeing profound shifts in how high achieving women are showing up in business and releasing the hold on doing things the way they have been done.
After 15 years of working with over a thousand women in coaching and training programs, I’ve seen women operate through a different lens which is leading them to burnout, and for them to not be their true self in business. Times are changing, and women want a better way. They want to be more fulfilled, they want to have less burnout, less sacrifice and they are ready for more fulfilment.
It is when they take a different, more feminine led approach, that they’re really able to embrace their true self and embrace their feminine energy in a way that supports them and their business and gives them the opportunity to thrive.
I wanted to share five principles with you where you can embrace your feminine energy in business. Where you can be more of you in the work that you are here to offer the world.
Your intuition is your knowing , and it is a feeling that is received in your body. Often when you’re on a path, you’re a high achieving woman, you can be driven by numbers, and strategy. What happens is that often your gut feeling or that deeper knowing you feel is being sheltered by these other feelings. When you’re operating at a higher level, it is normal to switch on your strategic brain, but the magic is in moving back to a feminine state of being.
When your knowing is tuned in and your intuition is dialled up and you’re embracing that you are able to make decisions from a place of truth for you, you’re often able to create strategies that are suited to you and the direction that you’re going because you’re embracing your femininity and you’re able to drive that change in a way that is working with your true self.
And when you’re creating from a place of knowing, you’re not only honouring that authentic part of you, but you’re able to create space for your gifts to thrive because you know you’re walking a path that is true for you. And the feeling that is being received in your body is correct, so it’s really important when it comes to strategies and changing pathways and creation that you are listening to your feminine voice. That you’re honouring your intuition from this place because that is helping you walk your path.
The second thing is your values. Another way that you can embrace your feminine energy in business is through your values. When you know what they are and you know how to live these values, you are able to live a more aligned life. And you can show up in a more powerful way.
Which is so important because many women know or have a good understanding of their values, but how they live their values is often forgotten. Knowing your values can be a way to soften into your business, in how you make decisions and how you create and how that fits in with other parts of your life and how they’re intertwined in your life.
For example, if your looking at changing your business strategy, and one of your values is is fun. But your business model doesn’t let you embody that value, then you’re going to feel a disconnect. Your energy won’t coincide with your business and you may always feel like this level of disconnect in feeling fulfiled as well in how you’re leading yourself in your business.
And that means that if you’re not connected to your values if you’re not living your values, then it may be really difficult to find complete fulfilment. And this is a very important feminine principle in business. Your values are your north star, they guide you in all areas of your life, not just business.
True Self
The third one is true self. Who are you being right now? The true feminine principle is a principle that we are honouring our authentic self, and we are being who we are in all elements of our life, including our business.
We are able to have a level of self awareness that cultivates creativity and creates a deeper sense of meaning for us. And in order to do that, it’s not so much of a process of becoming, it’s a process of unravelling into our full self expression.
It’s a process of removing that conditioning of who we think we need to be in our business in order for our vision to really flourish.
Because we have all taken on so many programmes throughout our life that has led us to be this person that we are now, and it’s truly not until we unravel these elements of conditioning and programmes that we can often see our true self come to life and often the unconscious patterns and beliefs that have shaped us into who we are.
So it’s really important to know not only who we’re being, but what do we need to decondition from.
The fourth principle is understanding your energy. When we are aware and we understand our ebbs and flows of what gives us energy, where we source our energy, and what actions and behaviours give us energy, are we honouring that? Are we focusing on what gives us energy or are we focusing on the things that don’t give us energy?
Understanding that there are things that we have to do that don’t give us energy, but knowing where the ebbs and flows occur and the impact is in the understanding of how your energy flows. It’s knowing when to stop and rest. It’s being able to plan around your energy and around your monthly cycle as well.
Understanding these elements can guide you in really embracing your femininity. You have a deep level of self awareness in this area, and you’re planning around that because when you’re understanding this at a deeper level, you’re also able to bring more of you into your business and into your vision that gives you that energy.
Emotional Intelligence
The last piece is emotional intelligence. Our emotions are very powerful. And we are driven by emotions. Women are very emotional beings. There are three elements to this and I want you to look at how you understand your emotions. How are you using those emotions? Is it something that you’re aware of? Are you being able to understand these emotions? If you’re becoming emotional about a part in your business, that’s not working, where does that emotion stem from? What is causing that emotion and what can you do about tweaking or changing that emotion?
Acknowledging, understanding and integrating how your beliefs impact your emotions will enable you to move through any resistance.
Other considerations are, what beliefs are holding true for you and how is that impacting your emotional well being? That is, how is this impacting your business? How is that impacting your career? Do you get emotional, easily? Could it be you need more rest? Again it comes back to that level of self awareness.
When we know ourself, we can lead ourself. And when we can lead ourself, we become more abundant and fulfilled because we know exactly where we are going.
And when we truly embrace our feminine energy in our businesses, then we are able to thrive because we’re honouring who we are. We are being the woman that we need to be for our business, and to flourish in our vision.
Kelly x
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