It's time to honour your calling

My inner voice became persistent as I gazed at the sunset spilling the most incredible, radiant colours into the sky. I closed my laptop while I sat overlooking the caldera in Santorini and realised, this was it. I am doing this.


I stood up, turned to my husband, and said: “It’s time. I can’t go back.”  That decision changed my life.


Growing up with immigrant grandparents who left Greece during World War II, came to Australia, and started numerous businesses, I always had my head in a book. Reading… dreaming…


And since I was a child, I had felt deep within my soul, a feeling that I was here for something unique. I knew there must be something more that my soul wanted to give.


Having completed my Masters degree and spending years in corporate experiences that were highly masculine in nature, I always felt something was missing. I felt I couldn’t be my true self, I was working against my desires as a woman, and it felt very unfulfilling.

Kelly Jade Photo Portrait

I was ready to find the true feminine way of working and being. I was ready to go on a journey to find my soul’s purpose and desires, and the gifts I was here to offer the world.

I desired to use my gifts fully, when eventually, I was pulled in the direction of starting my own business.

Stepping into my true mission, which was a path to being able to truly share my talents in a way that was authentically me.

I gave notice in my job, and within a year, I was booked out with clients, consulting to international organisations, and pregnant with my first child.

Fast forward to now, my two daughters have both been catalysts for a heart awakening that fuels my mission.


For years before I started on my heart’s path, I was held back by conditioning and beliefs, questioning myself whether I could really do this.

The voice of my inner critic was loud, where I would ask myself if I was truly capable of leading my own business, and always looking outside of myself for answers.

But the voice of my soul was louder.

I worked deeply on my mindset, but the transformational shift took place when I discovered who I was, the woman beyond the business and took the steps to fully embody my heart’s intelligence, my work, gifts and my essence as a woman.

I created tools for myself and my clients to fulfill their desires, and be able to lead with true courage and devotion.

I discovered exactly what I needed to do when I felt I was going off-path. I knew how to be centred and calm with a deep knowing of who I am and what I am meant to do.

I saw my true purpose. I led myself, and embodied a way of being that created a new realm of fulfilment and service.


You are here because you know you came to this world with soul-shifting gifts, and you are incredibly gifted in what you do. You may sense the time has come to truly trust yourself and the path for you, and you are feeling an inner nudge to take ownership of your business and life and step fully into your heart’s path.


You have a desire to delve deeper into your true self and the work you are here to do, which will enable you to access your innate power and serve with your gifts at your highest by virtue of being yourself.


You know deep down, the next level for you of personal fulfilment, peace and inner freedom will emerge from you stepping confidently into your life’s work.


I believe gifted women like you are here to transform the planet and the hearts and minds of others. And it is your soul’s mission to lead as your true self while leaving an imprint in the hearts of others.


This is why I help women to confidently take ownership of their life and business so they can unlock their greatest gifts and truest selves to confidently lead and share their feminine brilliance with the world.


Through mastering your mindset, energetics, intuition and self, you will be activated and liberated into your true self. Your heart and wisdom will be illuminated to unlock your deepest work and radiance into the world.


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