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Embracing Motherhood and Business

Welcome to another episode of The Feminine Way podcast with Kelly Jade.

In today’s solo episode, Kelly dives deep into a topic that is often discussed but rarely explored in depth: navigating motherhood and working in your feminine business.

Drawing from her own experiences as a mother of two, Kelly shares her thoughts and opinions on balancing the demands of motherhood with building a successful business.

She discusses the impact of motherhood on her own sense of purpose and how it inspired her to create a meaningful path that aligned with her values and enables her to maintain a deep connection with her children. Kelly also emphasizes the importance of embracing both the feminine and masculine aspects of running a business, finding a strategy and structure that feels natural and fulfilling.

Join us as Kelly shines a light on the profound experience of motherhood and its connection to our deepest purpose.

What you will hear in this episode:

[00:02:52] Kelly shares how having children affected her business.

[00:06:51] Why your business needs strategy, structure, and nurturing.

[00:10:42] How mothers unlock dormant creativity for their children.

[00:14:12] Discover passions, following your path and finding fulfilment.

[00:17:21] Prioritizing well-being

[00:19:05] Embracing motherhood and business

Get ready to be inspired to unlock your creativity and lead in all your power, grace, and glory as a mother and businesswoman.

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