Wednesday 8th November at 10am Aest

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If you become a mother in this lifetime or you desire to become a mother, the role you are here for is one of the most pivotal roles you will ever do and have.
Your life’s work will impact your children.
Your healing will impact your children.
Your leadership will impact your children.
Having coached over 450 women (including many mothers), a big part of my mission is to help mothers be more of themselves in the world while being the best versions of themselves for their children.

And I want you to know this information too. So you can harmonise your powerful purpose and family, remain connected to yourself and your children while knowing who you are before, during and after having your children, and helping you stay on your heart’s path.

This masterclass is for the woman who believes motherhood becomes redefined into the most beautiful initiation into womanhood and business.

Where you reclaim who you are as a woman, and make motherhood a masterpiece while you pave a path of love and legacy. So that you can take the throne of your life and become the most powerful guides for your children.

In this masterclass, you will discover:

  • The Art to Harmonizing Your Business and Life in a way that feels nourishing and fulfilling.
  • The Art of Presence for your children and business so that your time and focus is spent where it matters.
  • Navigating Identity and Motherhood

And more!

Registration includes access to the live masterclass and lifetime access to the recording.

If you register by the 27th October you will receive the following bonus:

Access to a Voxer Private coaching group with me for 7 days following the masterclass valued at $497.

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