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Laura Larios is the founder and CEO of a highly sought-after consulting and coaching brand that delivers world-class neurological fitness for high growth high performers in the corporate, and entrepreneurial industries. Laura is Silicon Valley’s top go-to neurological fitness coach, and she is an advisor and nervous system consultant for two biofeedback-driven technology firms. Laura’s training is in Polyvagal Theory, Neuroplasticity, Somatic Experiencing, Clinical Mindfulness, and Neuroscience.

Over 70% of high-performing women leaders and entrepreneurs report that they are burned out. Efforts to resolve burnout like time management training, new team hires, mindset work, and meditation apps seem like good solutions to enhance productivity, but they only give women extra things to do.

Instead, we need to examine the root cause, which is the nervous system.

In this episode, you will learn how to equip yourself as a high-growth woman with practical neuroscientific methods for resolving exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout.

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