Finding Purpose As a Mother

This episode is for the mothers and aspiring mothers to be. In this episode, Kelly talks about finding purpose as a mother, and how motherhood can be the biggest initiation into your purpose and help you discover what truly lights up your heart. Kelly also shares some of her own journey of finding purpose as […]

Balancing Business and Motherhood

How do you balance motherhood and business? In today’s episode, Kelly talks about the topic of balancing business and motherhood. Kelly shares her insights and experiences on how she manages the responsibilities of running a feminine business and being a mother. She discusses the importance of clarifying your values and how they help guide your […]

Holding Success As A High Achieving Woman with Gemma Benad

Can you hold success as a high achieving woman? In today’s episode, we have a very special guest, Gemma Benad. Gemma is a Somatic Success Coach and the founder of the Body-Led Business Method. In this episode, we are diving into the topic of high-achieving women and how they can receive and hold onto their […]

Align Your Mission and Reinvent Your Business

Welcome back to another episode of The Feminine Way podcast with your host, Kelly Jade. In this week’s episode, Kelly dives into an exercise that will help you reinvent your business. Kelly shares a practice of revisiting your business and personal mission and understanding the magic within it. Join her as she explores the importance […]

The Art of Feminine Living

In this episode of The Feminine Way, Kelly dives deep into the world of slow living and discovering the art of embracing our true selves. In a society that often prioritizes striving and ambition, we are here to unveil the power of authenticity, intuition, and self-care. Kelly will share her personal journey and insights, offering […]

Feminine Living: Embracing the Path of Authenticity

We live in a world where striving, hustle and ambition often take centre stage. Here in this blog, I will explore the concept of feminine living which offers a refreshing antidote in how women can live and lead.  I will explore what feminine living is, the core principles, and how it can inspire growth, transformation […]

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