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The Path of Feminine Business

Welcome back to another episode of The Feminine Way podcast with your host, Kelly Jade.

In this week’s episode, Kelly dive’s deep into the topic of feminine business and the path to creating a business that truly embodies the feminine way.

Kelly shares her personal journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, highlighting the burnout and dissatisfaction she experienced in masculine environments. She delves into what exactly feminine business is, emphasizing that it is a softer, more receptive approach that allows women to embrace their true selves and share their gifts with the world.

She also dispels the misconception that feminine business is all about ease and flow, explaining that it requires structure and systems that support this unique approach.

If you’re tired of outdated strategies that don’t align with your values and vision, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we explore the transformative power of feminine business and discover how it can enhance every aspect of your life.

What you will hear in this episode:

[00:00:03] The way of Feminine business

[00:04:20] Disconnecting from business strategies that don’t align

[00:08:40] Building a business with other desires in mind

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