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Today’s society is shifting the way in which people look at and choose their work. You now have so many options! Some fields may seem more “glamorous” than others, and the perception of this may cause a desire to chase something that seems a good fit- on the surface.

Working predominantly with women, I find that, at times, women aren’t always true to themselves. Unfortunately, a lot of “fluff” and information is out there attempting to turn women into something they are not.

When this happens, we don’t do our best work. And this upsets me because everyone is UNIQUE for a reason! And we need to celebrate our uniqueness, the brilliance and expertise we bring to the table where a big impact is made.

In an attempt to live up to organisational and societal norms and expectations, our behaviours sometimes go against our own values. However, this can cause more harm than good. It takes a lot of energy to go against what is natural for you and to behave in a way that is out of sync with your true values, priorities, hopes, characteristics and style.

We have all been made aware of how being authentic in our careers and life is important.

Being authentic creates a healthy alignment between our values and behaviours that can re-energise life at work and at home. With the rise of technology and a drive to succeed, we are all working harder and longer hours. Work-life balance ceases to exist anymore. They are integrated as one. Our work impacts our home life and vice versa. So, how does this impact choosing an authentic path?




Be Authentic, Be You!

Authentic women have a good understanding of themselves and their priorities. We totally understand who we are and why we are here, what image we want to portray and how we want people to see us.

We attend to what is important to us rather than what might be important to other people. We are clear about how we feel and what we need and prefer. We know what works for us and what doesn’t.

Think about authenticity as a condition or dynamic balance- not a personality trait. As a goal, it is not clearly defined, like earning a degree or certification. And once you achieve authenticity, it doesn’t mean it is yours to keep.

You have to work to remain authentic- by reviewing your priorities and values and choosing behaviours to align with those priorities as your circumstances change.

As with professional and personal development and learning, it is an ongoing priority that we need in order to remain updated in our fields, stay in the loop and be at the forefront of our industries.

With my clients, not only do I work on the skills they need in order to be successful in their leadership and areas of expertise, I work on the softer skills- like building their authentic brand- Discovering who they are and how this can impact their leadership by making the right choices.

It is the key to success in your chosen field.


Value Alignment


If we are chasing a path that is not aligned with our values or who we are as our authentic selves, it causes burnout, stress and fatigue. Why? Because we are fighting against what is natural for us. It is very difficult to develop certain capabilities when you suppress your true voice, values and style and are distracted by inner conflict.

By living a life strongly connected to your values and belief system, it promotes growth, learning and psychological well-being. When we are acting in a state that is authentic to us, it feels more natural and creates harmony.

I invite you to check in on your authentic impact. And I would love to see you step up into your authentic self and help you let your true ability stand out.

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