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The online world can be very noisy, chaotic as such.
And it’s a really complex place to to be when you’re following someone else’s process because we’re not all the same. We don’t operate the same, and the feminine way of doing business is very different to the standard entrepreneurial landscape.
It’s not that it’s a bad way of doing things. It definitely works for some people, but if you’re a softer soul, if you’re someone who is highly intuitive, or you’re really wanting to grow your business and get your gifts out there in another way, then it’s going to look a little bit differently for you. You may not want to show up on social media every single day, you may not want to go live on video, but if you do, that’s fantastic too.
It’s important to listen to what feels right for you and the reality is that business is done very differently for many people, and if you follow the wrong mentor you can go off track and then eventually your heart will lead you back to where you began.
If you don’t know my story, I was in a very masculine business environment before starting my own business. I worked in the oil and gas industry and I worked in renewable energy. I also worked for Australia’s most innovative company for a long time as their Head of HR and in Head of Learning and Development roles for other companies. I had been developing people my entire career in heavily masculine environments, and I was so burnt out at the end of it. I was exhausted and when I went into my business full time, that conditioning came along with me.
Constantly, pushing and striving is seen as wearing a badge of honour in the online space (and in the corporate world). The feminine has a way of working that is cyclical and honours her space and time, which I like to call, feminine ambition.
It’s a way where you’re really nurturing your gifts. It is a way that you’re nurturing your heart in how you want your business to operate, because the feminine way of doing business is very different. And if you are here reading this, you’re a woman who may be wanting to soften into more femininity on her path.
You may feel valued and you want to feel valued for being yourself. You might find social media overwhelming or you might not even be into social media. You may struggle to trust yourself and your gifts and what you’re here to do, but you know that in your heart you have something really deep to give.
What I find is that some people come to me and they’re so burnt out by the self-development world that they’re doubting their path, and they’re wanting a more softer way of doing things.
And so the natural unfolding of your gifts begins. This is a process that may take a little longer than the traditional business path of going out there and picking a topic or a gap in the market and building a business from there.
You are here for the long run. You are here for a deeply devoted path, I like to call it the heart path, because this is your life’s work.
You’re here to bring something really unique, really magical into the world and you want to do it in a way that is still marketing your gifts, but you’re doing it in a way that feels really organic. 
Whether it is becoming an artist, a writer, a coach, or pursuing a calling of motherhood, your gifts will make an impact to someone.
We are being taught that we need to do things differently to be successful. I want you to know that this is not the case. I want you to know that we can do things your way, in a more feminine way and still achieve your desires.
The natural unfolding of your gifts will happen when you gain clarity in what they are. I use this as an example, but when you think about your gifts and your wisdom and your expertise as a really beautiful cultivated garden. It needs watering, it needs new flowers planted, it needs replanting.
Then you have the weeding. You’re removing things that no longer feel right for you.
You may not want to offer certain products and services anymore because they don’t feel true to your heart. Perhaps a coach has told you to do it a particular way. You no longer feel a deep sense of fulfillment because of this.
You may be wanting to plant something new, so you’re wanting to build a new offering that feels really beautiful for you and it’s really aligned with who you are as a woman, your lifestyle and what you are brilliant at. So, when we hone into our gifts and into deep feminine fulfillment, it feels joyful and truly abundant.
Honouring the Masculine Energy In Our Business
What is very important, is that you still need strategy and you still need structure in your business. 
If you want to nurture your gifts and you go through a cultivation process, it will be a less traditional path than the mainstream business path. As mentioned in a previous episode of The Feminine Way Podcast, with Holly MacCue, we talk about finding your niche and in that way, it really is about discovering your genius and honing in on that.
Social media is a part of this structure to share you gifts, but it’s not the only way in getting your brilliance out there. There are other options for feminine souls who desire more peace in their business.
I always walk my clients through a process where it’s like cultivating this beautiful garden and unraveling and unlocking what they’re here to do.
Their beautiful offerings and gifts become clearer, and it’s a process where they can start to build their intellectual property in a way that will help them streamline their marketing and help them streamline their messaging and the way they do business.
The feminine energy in business is always supported by masculine energy in setting up strategy, systems and structures in your business for the feminine to thrive.
If you’ve been stuck in the loop of achievement and outward performance for most of your life (and that was me coming from corporate), when you shift to the feminine way of business and living, the race for achievement is replaced with a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.
The outward performance is replaced with an inner sense of peace. So, yes, you can have ambition, you can be ambitious in where you want to go, but it’s a softer ambition, it’s more of a trusting and unfolding. And when you are creative and you have all these ideas, and want your gifts to get out there, you can start the process and know that they will unravel over time, that they will be nurtured and built in a way that supports you and your desires.
So what happens when we don’t know where to start? If you are at a crossroads and you don’t know what to do, I highly recommend sitting down, grab a notebook and asking yourself these questions-
What am I incredibly gifted at?
What is it that lights me up every single day?
When we marry the two of these questions, it is the foundation of fulfillment. Being able to honour your gifts, your desires and listening to your heart is the key to fulfillment.
And the feminine way is all about fulfillment and abundance. They are two of the core pillars of the feminine way.
It is very difficult to create a business if we’re not feeling fulfilled in what we’re doing. We also can’t create a path if we’re loving what we do but we don’t have the depth to be able to hold the results.
Because where our gifts, our experience, our wisdom and our knowledge are all paired together, we create depth. Now, the depth of what we’re here to do is going to change the way you do business, because you might feel that you have knowledge in a specific area, but you may not have the depth.
I am now full time into being in my business since 2016, with a couple of breaks with my two babies in the midst of it. I’ve been on this path for a long time, but I’ve also been helping people with their path since 2009.
So the depth that I bring with this and the business experience that I bring with this is quite broad, yet deep. And I have been deep in the feminine path which has been unraveling since 2017. So the process of feminine embodiment has been occurring for a long time.
The depth of your gifts is really important, and I want you to understand that when you’re uncovering and illuminating your brilliance, you understand how deep can you go in specific topics? What truly lights your heart up, what are you incredibly good at and what’s the depth that you can bring in this experience? Because this is where the magic is.
It can be easy to create a business and get it out there within a couple of months by following a specific process or blueprint, but you will find it feels heavy after a while.
Women in my world are here for the long run. You’re not here just for a quick seven figure fix. You’re here for the long term. You’re here for a deeper sense of fulfilment. You’re here for a deeper sense of purpose and prosperity and abundance in a way that feels truly aligned to your heart.
And one thing that I really want you to know is that bringing depth to your business may take a little bit longer. But you can create a pathway that will be fulfilling to you through cultivating your experience and your gifts and your knowledge and bringing it all together in a way that feels truly aligned for where you’re going.
Let this be a reminder that the right strategy for you is following the strategy for your soul. Listening to the intuitive whispers that your heart is speaking.
Kelly x
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