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My Story
It was in 2016, when I was in Greece, the home of my ancestors, that I made the decision to leap and go full time into my business. I remember I had just finished a call with a client in Santorini and realised I can do this work from there.
I spent many years in a corporate experience that was highly masculine in nature, I completed my Master’s Degree and I moved up through the ranks, but I always felt something was missing and I always felt like I couldn’t be my true self or my true gifts weren’t being seen or fulfilled.
I was working against my desires as a woman and I felt really unfulfilled. There was something missing. So I wanted to find what is my work here, what is truly the path that I’m meant to be here for? What are the gifts that I’m here to offer the world? And that’s when I moved into starting my own business and that’s the work that I do now. I help women activate their soul gifts, claim their divine purpose and discover the path that they’re here to do. And a lot of the work that I do is with female entrepreneurs that are looking for a new way. They’re perhaps ready to do it a different way. They’re ready to listen to the whispers of their heart more deeply.
The Whispers of Your Heart
You might be flourishing financially but on the inside you are treading water. Maybe you feel burnt out in the work that you’re doing and that you feel you’re somewhat resentful of your business or life.
You may feel like you have reached certain levels of success, but you feel trapped internally. What you do feel  is that truth and the fire in your heart that you know it’s time to choose a new path and you know that you need to fully use your gifts and your magic, your brilliance, the soul work you’re here to do.
So that is what I do. That is what I’ve been doing now for 15 years.
Know that your purpose evolves, but within your soul, your most powerful work resides. 
There’s a subtle shift that we need to do, because often or not, our purpose will evolve. Because when you know that you have something to share with the world, it can take years to cultivate a connection with your experience and with your talents and with your gifts and your wisdom. But then it can also happen quickly!
The path that a lot of the women that I work with are on a pure path of service. So they’re here for the long term, they are here to cultivate a lasting legacy with their soul work. I had a client recently say to me that’s one of the reasons why she chose to work with me, in that she knows that she’s wanting to build a longer term business that is a legacy business and brand and she’s not drawn in by the shiny promises of 10k months, 100k months. Yes money, is important, but she desires meaning and lasting fulfilment.

The women that I work with are not fired up by only money. Obviously, abundance is a big part of the work that I do and a lot of women get paid very well for the work that they do, but in saying that there’s more what they’re here for. They desire joy, radiance and leadership in all areas of their life.
So when you know that you are here to be held through a process and you’re here to make a significant change, your purpose will evolve as you evolve. So your messaging will change, your gifts and your body of work that you’re bringing into the business is going to shift slightly and that’s absolutely okay. That’s part of our evolution that perhaps we know that we’re not tapping fully into what we can do, but we’re also putting a light on the work that is yet to be tapped into.

This is where the magic happens. Even for myself, when I was walking this path, you go through an evolution of yourself and a path of self actualisation when you realize that your work is not fully there yet. And asking yourself is it fully there yet can be an on going path.

It’s really about taking those steps to nurture your work and to really uncover what is it that you’re here to do. But more often is, what are your areas of magic? 
Your Bigger Mission
Your purpose can be something smaller or large. Your mission is something deeper. It’s a deeper path of change and when you walk that path, it becomes truly incredible because you are always driven by that, rather than short term incentives. 
Doing this work now for 15 years with women, has been a path that has evolved, but it has gotten deeper. It becomes deeper when you are more connected to your work. You know that this is not a separation of you. Your business is not a separation of you. It is that part of you that is connected to your heart. So what happens is your your purpose may evolve, your path may evolve, your gifts can be tapped into deeper. That’s what we look at.
What are you not bringing into your work that can obviously bring you to a point where you are being more in your self expression?
So for me as an example, there was a part of me that I was not bringing my spiritual gifts into my business and I knew it was hurting me because I didn’t feel like I was fully doing the work that I was here to do, because I was leaving that part out. Now that I am using them, it feels complete and you will see my brand has evolved over time. 
There’s things that happen in your life that will change, but the essence of who you are and what you’re here to do may not change too much. It’s about uncovering that.
So that’s why you will evolve, your work will evolve, your purpose will evolve and it’s going to be a really beautiful unraveling where you’re feeling like you are at a point where something needs to shift in my business, something needs to shift on my path. 
Uncovering The Truth In Your Heart
When you feel like you’re getting to a point that you are feeling the truth in your heart and you really want to know what it is, but you don’t want to push, what do you do then? Sometimes you need to take your foot off the accelerator and take yourself out of the environment for a little while. Often, I always recommend to just explore who you would be without the weight of external voices, rules, metrics, all of those things.
Some questions to ponder:
What would your life and business look like if there was no rules, if there was no expectations, if there was a path of least resistance? What would that look like?
Societal Expectations and our Purpose
We are in a society, where we have all been deeply conditioned since birth. We have been deeply conditioned into what we feel is right, what we feel like we need to do. We have been told we have to go to school. We have been told that we have to fit into a system that is supporting other systems, and that does condition us. It conditions us from a very young age. We have family conditioning. Parental and ancestral beliefs that shape us as a child and build beliefs which we hold as an adult.
I was explaining to a client, we take on beliefs from our parents that are not going to potentially serve us when we reach adulthood. But often I find that these beliefs start happening when we go through that process of awakening as to what’s happening in the world.
We find out that those beliefs that we’ve taken on are actually not serving us, and then we go through this identity shift which helps us then evolve as a person, and then our purpose will naturally evolve along with that and our path and our mission and all of the beautiful things we’re actually here to do. And when we realise the amount of conditioning that we’ve been put under, we often realise that we are not who we thought we are. We go through this change, you’ve probably heard of a dark night of the soul. It’s probably the best way to put it, but it can feel a deep sadness of what it could have been.
That was one of the reasons why I shifted into the work that I do, because being in the corporate experience did not serve me at all.  I learnt alot and did some really incredible work. When I was consulting, I was still under that masculine structure .And yes, you do need strategy, you do need systems, you need all of those things in your business. There’s absolutely no question about that. However, it was the constant push and burn of a corporate structure that made me realise this was not the place for me.
But the system I was in, I was feeling trapped in my business and there was a part of me that was still feeling deeply unfulfilled, even though I had been successful financially.
I was booked out with clients, I was consulting to international organizations, and then I felt pregnant with my first daughter and everything shifted. That was a pivotal moment in time and business for me.
Your Divine Purpose
Being able to acknowledge where you are, acknowledge what drives you and acknowledge the path that you’re on and how that’s going to evolve is a really beautiful process, because you know that there’s no set end in mind. And this is what I want you to think about when you’re building an iconic path, and I want you to think about the likes of people like Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe  and Joan of Arc. Those women come to mind who walked a path of evolution, of strength, of purpose. They’re still remembered now. There was no end in mind for them. There’s still no end in mind because they’re still remembered.
When you’re in this path for the long term, you’re thinking more about who you’re going to be without the restrictions, what your path is really going to look like, without knowing the ending. And that’s really important, we don’t need to know the ending.
But what we know is what we’re walking towards now is something that’s going to feel nourishing, something that’s going to feel fulfilling, something that’s going to feel free. When we feel restricted, we are feeling unfulfilled, but we’re also feeling a lack of creativity.
So I want you to think about your path as an evolving purpose. I want you to think about yourself as an evolving woman who is here walking a path of legacy. It doesn’t have to be a big legacy, but you’re here for a good reason, and that in itself is more than enough to do some really incredible work. As well as make an impact, be recognised for your gifts and also to be abundantly rewarded for doing so. 
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