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After working with over 450 clients, mostly women, in many cases, the woman are in an empowered place and have solid positioning, a brand and are in a place where they are making an impact. Still, something often holds them back from truly getting their soul work out to the world.

There is usually a deeper purpose to their leadership. A message or a stance they want to share but hold back from spreading this message for fear of “shaking up” their community, or clients as they are genuinely creating significant change in their leadership and missions.

As divine feminine leaders, here are the steps I have seen take shape when making the decision to confidently share your gifts with the world.



Understanding that your voice has a message and wants to say what it wants to say for a reason. Then decide to share your voice from the heart, where it will be felt and seen from an authentic place.



What happens next is a natural discovery of what needs to be shed from a mindset and conditioning perspective. Is it a particular belief or fear holding you back from sharing this message? You can learn more on this in the podcast episode Reframing Resistance.


The platform

Next the clarity comes in about who needs to hear your message, and how will you share it for increased impact? When your true voice and mission comes to life, not everyone is going to resonate, and I see this through the process when a woman realigns into her true body of work.
Uncovering the core desire of your soul community will help you understand who will be best in your world, and where your impact will be felt most.



Being committed to sharing your message with the knowledge that once it is shared, your leadership takes on a whole new level of identity, impact and belief.

The most impactful leadership as a feminine leader is who you are BEING, not just what you are doing.

The commitment to your embodiment of your body of work, brand and business is the path to feminine fulfilment.

Your gifts will naturally unravel when you are ready to share them.

Share your message with purpose, and know that it is needed. It may just turn the needle for your biggest breakthrough.

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