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My work is centred around igniting female executives and entrepreneurs to play bigger in their leadership and life.

When women (and men) truly want to play big, it’s time to set boundaries.

Setting boundaries gives you so much power, yet it is something that, as women, we tend to feel guilty about!

Not wanting to push people away.

Not wanting to upset anyone or have it negatively impact our brand.

One thing I have learnt about boundaries is that they can become so powerful to give you time for what truly matters.




Boundaries give you clarity, focus and momentum on the work that will be the most impactful.


– When you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else.

– When you say no to something, you are saying yes to (and making space for) what really matters.


It’s about what drives that yes and no and how you feel about yourself.

Some questions to ask yourself to begin to build boundaries that support you and your role as a leader-


1. How many hours a week will you work, and how many do you want to work? 

2. How much do you want to work with each client/team member?

3. Can you hold your boundaries with meetings/appointment times?

4. How often do you find yourself feeling the following emotions when your boundaries are broken? Greedy shy, ashamed?

5. How do you feel when you have to say no to someone?

6. How do you feel when someone around you is upset?

7. How do you feel about voicing your truth?

8. How do you feel about making and receiving money?

9. Do you need people to agree with you to feel good about yourself?

10. Do you get coloured or affected by other people’s energies?


Further Insights – Areas to Ponder


As a leading woman, setting boundaries can set you free.

This is what will make you thrive!

Ready to elevate your leadership positioning moving forward?

My fire starter sessions will help you-


– Build a solid understanding of what makes you stand out in your leadership.

– Create a deep understanding of your positioning and how to leverage it.

– Craft an answer to the dreaded question “So what do you do?” that will engage anyone (this is so important in corporate and for business owners!)

– Develop the tools to plan & create your message and self-promote your brilliance confidently.

– Go from vulnerable to visible- learn your leadership blueprint to lead as your most natural self.

– Visibility roadmap- be seen by the people you want, the way you want.

– Find and share your voice to be noticed in a bigger way for increased impact.


If this resonates with what you need to create unstoppable leadership, please reach out, and we will arrange a call.

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