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Did you know the power that your heart holds to your path of grace and prosperity?

Let me tell you…

What is heart intelligence?

Heart intelligence is a higher level of intelligence that supports physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

You can access your heart’s intelligence using simple practices and intentions that create a state called heart coherence, which connects the heart and mind.

Scientific studies have shown that the qualities of the heart have a powerful impact on personal happiness, health and performance. In a nutshell, scientists have discovered that the heart does much more than just pump blood throughout the body.


Electromagnetic Field


The human heart emits an electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire body and extends at least 15 feet in every direction. This field is also known as your aura, which sends signals to every cell in your body, affecting your physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. It is also felt by others within 15 feet of you!

The beautiful thing is your heart field also interacts with and is affected by the electromagnetic field of the Earth, as well as other people, plants, animals, and anything that has electromagnetic qualities, which includes pretty much everything, including space, planets, and even stars.

Exactly how and to what degree our individual heart fields are affected by the environment is still under investigation.

However, it is clear beyond any doubt that this field connects all of us to each other, to the Earth, and to space in ways that we don’t yet fully understand.

We do know that humans that intentionally create heart coherence in their own field have a positive impact upon their own health and well-being.

Creating higher coherence also has a positive impact upon those around us. The extent to which creating individual coherence can have an impact on global coherence is being tested right now.

The electromagnetic human heart field is a powerful source of energy and information that literally tells all the cells in your body what to do.

It exists within it as a part of a universal ocean of electromagnetic energy and information, which can be accessed by the human mind when it connects to the heart. The information that can be accessed by the mind through the heart is what we call heart intelligence. It includes and transcends the information we gain through the five physical senses, adding a new dimension to human intelligence that expands human consciousness and empowers the mind.

So you can see, our heart holds so much wisdom and knowledge for our path. It knows more than our mind, yet our mind has always been conditioned to lead our decisions first.

Our heart holds the key to our desire for expansion, not just our mind…

Everything we desire has always been and always will be within our hearts. Our ability to create abundance, our soul’s calling and purpose.

Doing the inner work, partnered with your soul’s signature strategy, is the way forward.


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