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As a woman who works with high-impact women, I see the most brilliant women hiding!

Keeping your head down and just doing the work will prevent you from gaining the momentum you need to grow in your leadership.


Risk Taking


The thing is, men are more likely to take risks, while women suffer from perfectionism, imposter syndrome and being paralyzed until they are absolutely sure. Or wonder if it’s the right time!

We don’t speak up, own our accomplishments, sell ourselves and our brilliance or ask for what we deserve or what we want…

And I can tell you, your fulfilment, leadership and personal growth will skyrocket when you embrace your brilliance and see yourself for the incredible leader you truly are.

Think about it this way. You don’t hesitate to share the good things that happen to you with your friends, family and significant other. So why would you be afraid to share with your peers, boss, followers on social media and others you meet?




Confidence starts from within, and below are some simple ways to begin promoting your brilliance and getting the respect and visibility you deserve.

  1. Practice and perfect your brilliance “pitch”.
  2. Develop a result and accomplishment-based biography and story.
  3. Find clarity with a personal branding statement
  4. Understand your values and how they link to how you want to lead.
  5. Update your LinkedIn profile with recommendations and media.
  6. Start blogging/writing/speaking. Share your magic!
  7. Seek out opportunities to share your expertise.
  8. Share your success on social media.

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