The online world can be very noisy, chaotic as such.   And it’s a really complex place to to be when you’re following someone else’s process because we’re not all the same. We don’t operate the same, and the feminine way of doing business is very different to the standard entrepreneurial landscape.   It’s not […]


My Story   It was in 2016, when I was in Greece, the home of my ancestors, that I made the decision to leap and go full time into my business. I remember I had just finished a call with a client in Santorini and realised I can do this work from there.   I […]

Mastering Your Message When You Are Multi Passionate with Holly Maccue

Welcome back to another episode of The Feminine Way podcast with your host, Kelly Jade. In this week’s episode, Kelly speaks with Holly Maccue. Holly is a Sales and Messaging Strategist for service-based entrepreneurs running a multi-six figure business one-handed around her 3 and 5 year old daughters. She helps service-based entrepreneurs to own their […]

Finding Purpose As a Mother

This episode is for the mothers and aspiring mothers to be. In this episode, Kelly talks about finding purpose as a mother, and how motherhood can be the biggest initiation into your purpose and help you discover what truly lights up your heart. Kelly also shares some of her own journey of finding purpose as […]

The Path of Feminine Business

Welcome back to another episode of The Feminine Way podcast with your host, Kelly Jade. In this week’s episode, Kelly dive’s deep into the topic of feminine business and the path to creating a business that truly embodies the feminine way. Kelly shares her personal journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, highlighting the burnout […]

Embracing Motherhood and Business

Welcome to another episode of The Feminine Way podcast with Kelly Jade. In today’s solo episode, Kelly dives deep into a topic that is often discussed but rarely explored in depth: navigating motherhood and working in your feminine business. Drawing from her own experiences as a mother of two, Kelly shares her thoughts and opinions […]


One of the things I was least expecting when I became a mother was how this role deepened my understanding of my purpose and empowered me to create a meaningful path around my children. For those of you who are new to my world, let me introduce myself. I have been on a transformative journey […]


The Power Of Intuitive Intelligence

A women’s most underestimated superpower, yet the one thing that can lead her to bliss in all areas of her life is her intuition. A woman’s intuition is a key piece in living and leading from feminine energy. A significant piece of the magic I work with women on is unlocking their intuitive intelligence.  Our […]

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