In a time where business is done differently by women, and where women are desiring to embrace more of themselves in their business and life, I am seeing profound shifts in how high achieving women are showing up in business and releasing the hold on doing things the way they have been done.   […]

Feminine Living: Embracing the Path of Authenticity

We live in a world where striving, hustle and ambition often take centre stage. Here in this blog, I will explore the concept of feminine living which offers a refreshing antidote in how women can live and lead.  I will explore what feminine living is, the core principles, and how it can inspire growth, transformation […]

The Path of Feminine Business

Welcome back to another episode of The Feminine Way podcast with your host, Kelly Jade. In this week’s episode, Kelly dive’s deep into the topic of feminine business and the path to creating a business that truly embodies the feminine way. Kelly shares her personal journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, highlighting the burnout […]


One of the things I was least expecting when I became a mother was how this role deepened my understanding of my purpose and empowered me to create a meaningful path around my children. For those of you who are new to my world, let me introduce myself. I have been on a transformative journey […]

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