In a time where business is done differently by women, and where women are desiring to embrace more of themselves in their business and life, I am seeing profound shifts in how high achieving women are showing up in business and releasing the hold on doing things the way they have been done.   […]

Guided End of Year Reflection

In this episode Kelly walks you through a guided reflection to close out 2023 and start planning your dreams and vision for 2024. She provides prompts and questions to help you delve into a deeper sense of purpose and abundance as you prepare to welcome a new year. Website www.kellyjade.com Social Media Channels Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_kellyjade/ […]

Honouring Your Calling and Living a Life of Purpose

In this episode Kelly talks about how to honour your calling to step into a more purposeful path. She talks about what it takes to own your gifts and take the steps necessary to bring your deepest work into the world in a path that highlights your true self. Website www.kellyjade.com Social Media Channels Instagram […]

The Magic of Intentional Reflection

In this episode Kelly talks about the magic of intentional reflection. As we navigate the path of our unique gifts and missions, it is crucial to carve out time to reflect on our goals and desires. Throughout this episode, I provide insightful questions to aid in this reflection, encouraging you to connect back to your […]


The online world can be very noisy, chaotic as such.   And it’s a really complex place to to be when you’re following someone else’s process because we’re not all the same. We don’t operate the same, and the feminine way of doing business is very different to the standard entrepreneurial landscape.   It’s not […]

Unlocking and Cultivating Your Brilliance in Feminine Business

In this episode Kelly talks about navigating the business landscape with  femininity and how she has discovered and cultivated the magic of aligning business with our unique brilliance. She talks about how she has transitioned from a heavily masculine business environment to the entrepreneurial world and today, she shares her journey, shining a light on […]


My Story   It was in 2016, when I was in Greece, the home of my ancestors, that I made the decision to leap and go full time into my business. I remember I had just finished a call with a client in Santorini and realised I can do this work from there.   I […]

Mastering Your Message When You Are Multi Passionate with Holly Maccue

Welcome back to another episode of The Feminine Way podcast with your host, Kelly Jade. In this week’s episode, Kelly speaks with Holly Maccue. Holly is a Sales and Messaging Strategist for service-based entrepreneurs running a multi-six figure business one-handed around her 3 and 5 year old daughters. She helps service-based entrepreneurs to own their […]

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